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  • Presenting with confidence
  • Elevating visual appeal in your slides
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  • Executive presence for high-stakes conversations
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A photo of Alper Rozanes teaching at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

As a seasoned presentation trainer, business angel, and a collaborator at IESE Business School in Barcelona, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table.

Holding a portfolio of 14 companies and actively participating in the start-up ecosystem, I support to the entrepreneurial community through pro-bono engagements and heavily discounted private workshops.

My hands-on approach not only improves communication effectiveness but also provides invaluable insights into attracting investment.

If you’re a university or incubator looking to equip your students or entrepreneurs with critical presentation and pitching skills, invite me to share these transformative strategies, and let’s take your talent to the next level.

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Your next presentation will matter.

For you. For your career. For your family.

For you. For your career.
For your family.