Communication Programs
for Your Desired Future State

Whether you are a corporate professional addressing your company’s board of directors, or an entrepreneur presenting to key stakeholders on the verge of deciding to invest in your new venture, learning how to create and maintain strong communication with your target audience is crucial for your ongoing success.


You can acquire this skillset through a relatively standard, 3-Phase process that is mentioned in many books on the topic, including mine: The Content, The Design, and The Delivery

My work aimed at significantly improving these skills focuses on two primary client segments:

  • Business professionals and companies who want to improve their overall communication skills in their presentations, and
  • Startups and founders within the EME region, helping them become more competent in their communications towards current and potential investors. Since I am an angel investor myself, I bring perspective from both sides of the table.

The background for my communications programs is having worked with hundreds of people in 100+ companies in the past 12 years — and extensive research on the topic. I love the certainty that comes from research.

(I attribute this part to David C. Baker)


With a limited supply of investor money, but an abundant number of new projects every day, the entrepreneur needs to strongly connect with her potential investors, and preferably do that within a short amount of time.
I give entrepreneurs the tools and the skillset to improve their communication and increase their chances of receiving funding for their projects.


Most of us find business presentations boring.  But we still live in a world where a great one has the power to improve your career and shine within your company. 
In corporate trainings, I help business professionals acquire or improve their existing skills to turn any upcoming presentation into a career advancement opportunity.


Working together for a number of private sessions, you can become a more competent speaker. We can do this by leveraging the power of communication with a strategy.
Whether you are a professional in sales, marketing, or want to generally improve your visual communication, our work together will help you establish a strong bond with your audience. This can positively influence the outcome of your overall work.  

Universities & Accelerators

I collaborate with various universities and accelerators in multiple countries, and work with their hosted entrepreneurial teams to help improve their success rates in their projects and investor pitches.